Tzofim, the Israeli Scouts, Engaging Youth in the Bay Area

Shevet Hamifratz

Dana Shmueli is the Regional Shlicha to Northen California & Pacific Northwest on Aliyah and Israel Scouts (Tzofim). She joined the Israel Center team about five months ago, taking Nir Wittenberg's place, who, after two years in the Bay Area, was promoted to the New York office to be the Executive Director of the Israeli Scouts.

As part of her role as regional Israel Scouts Shlicha, Dana accompanies the Tzofim in their work with Gar'in Tzabar (lone soldiers core group), Chetz Vakeshet summer program and the Tzofim friendship caravan who have been regular beloved guests of Israel in the Gardens.

The highlight of the Scouts activities is the teen Bay Area group, known in Hebrew as Shevet Hamifratz. Today, the group includes about 130 members who meet weekly for social, Israeli Scouts activities that build a strong bridge for youth at a critical age between their home here, and their home away from home - Israel. The story below shares their activities in the recent months and their recent success at a west coast scouts camp that took place in Los Angeles last month.

For many in the Bay Area, Tzofim is an opportunity to help their children experience the Israeli culture they so love, as well as give their young ones an opportunity to experience team work, problem solving, and leadership all within a loving Israeli community. A worldwide organization, Tzofim has expanded over the past few years into a wide network of leaders and children stretching all around the world, with 18 regional groups in North America. Shevet Hamifratz, located in the Bay Area, which includes youth from the ages of 10-18, holds several events a year to help its young leaders develop their skills and, of course, have a lot of fun. The shevet holds two overnight camps throughout the year, a national camp in LA for the older kids, and several leadership seminars throughout the year. Shevet Hamifratz also hosts several events to benefit its community, such as our annual purimon, tekes Yom Hazikaron, and Tekes Yom Hashoa. This year at Tzofim’s national camp in Los Angeles, Shevet Hamifrtaz showed some pride and won first place out of 18 competitors in our talent night, a task not easily accomplished. The laughter and the frustrations that went into this project resulted in an amazing group of kids making memories that will not be easily forgotten; which really is what Tzofim is all about.
Israel Scouts

Israel Scouts


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March 21, 2012


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