Video: 600+ Jews march for pride!

It was an early start to the day (especially following the night before).  My best friend – having just returned from his first visit to Israel – came from Sacramento to march with me and my partner in Jews March For Pride.  We arrived at Beale Street Bar & Grill to a HUGE number of participants.  As we gathered at our place in the parade lineup, I looked around at the other contingents, many of whom were all similarly clad in matching uniforms or shirts.  Our contingent did not all dress alike.  Instead, we represented the many faces of the Jewish community.  Children, parents, seniors…men, women…boys and girls…gay or not.  Though some of us had never met each other, we came together as a family, united by our message of equality for all.

Later that night, I watched the television broadcast of the Pride March.  As you can hear in the video clip from the broadcast, the commentators’ had the same observation that I did when they too noticed how many marchers were in our contingent and how the group represented young and old, families, children---even a few pets---but all as the Jewish community, showing our support.

~by Brian Campbell, Supporting Foundation Administrator Video produced by KOFY for their on-air live broadcast

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July 09, 2009


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