We're hiring!

With unemployment rates hovering around 7.7% in California, and the economy taking a downturn, it might be particularly tough to land a new job these days.  That begin said, the Federation and its beneficiary organizations are still hiring and working to assist those in need. The Federation is currently looking for a Business Leadership Council Associate, Director of Gift Planning, Leadership Development Administrative Assistant, Public Relations Associate, Senior Accountant, and Young Adult Division (YAD) Associate to join our ranks. The Federation offers great benefits (medical, dental, vision, retirement) and competitive pay. If you or someone you know would be interested in one of those jobs, please stop by http://www.sfjcf.org/aboutjcf/jobs/ for the 411. One of our beneficary agencies, Jewish Vocational Services (JVS), also keeps job listings on their website at http://www.jvs.org/jobs/jobSearchAll.asp.  JVS is an incredible organization that provides career coaching and advising, job training, and a Technology Access Center.  In just the past four months, they have seen a 100% increase in calls to the agency and a 50% increase in actual client intake.  If you would like to look into their services, or make a donation to them so that they can keep up with this increased demand, please visit http://www.jvs.org/.

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October 23, 2008