What miracle can you inspire with your light?

Jennifer Gorovitz, Acting CEO

Jennifer Gorovitz, Acting CEO

I recently participated as part of our delegation from San Francisco in the General Assembly of the UJC/JFNA, where 3,000 Jews from all corners of North America gathered in Washington, D.C. to discuss, to learn, and to address the important issues of our day: a potentially nuclear Iran; vibrant next generation outreach; and the invaluable work in caring for vulnerable Jews around the world. As a result of the generosity of an anonymous donor, I was able to present illuminations by Arthur Szyk, the “artist of freedom,” to JFNA in honor of Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Barak Obama. I had the great honor of meeting both leaders. A small group of us, including Jim Koshland, was invited to attend a reception at the White House with the President and his top advisors.

The interest of both leaders in meeting with us attests to the importance of the work of Federations. Earlier this month I presented the Officers of the Federation my goals and work plans for the year. I am delighted to report that we are making great progress. We are working to make the Federation more transparent and I will continue to report to you every month. We are working hard to become more nimble and cost efficient. New policies have been implemented in the Endowment; we are developing new investment options and streamlining our financial reporting. We will soon release a report that will show you where communal funds have been granted and the impact these funds have had. I can tell you that the money you entrust with us is creating miracles every day.

Our annual fundraising Campaign is now in full swing, with several affinity groups near to closing all of their gifts, and warm and inspiring gatherings being held throughout the regions. Our “Taste of Community” wine tasting was a huge success. “Connecting the Dots,” a leadership event is bringing supporters of our Early Childhood Education Initiative together. I am grateful for the many recent Endowment and campaign gifts we have received. Along with the winter holidays, it is time for year-end financial and charitable planning, and I hope you will join me in raising your campaign gift by 15%, if you are able, to meet the vastly increased needs of our 45 beneficiary agencies, and that you will consider a bequest to our Endowment Fund to replenish the emergency funds that we mobilized this past year to help people affected by the economic crisis.

Believe it or not, Chanukah is fast approaching. Although a minor Jewish festival, its symbolism is powerful – that small pure cruse of oil with a miraculous lifespan. What miracle can you inspire with your light? Chag Sameach. Jennifer Gorovitz

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November 24, 2009


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