Why do you give?

Young leaders in our community give to Federation for many different reasons. Read about what motivates the group below to contribute and how they're involved in making our community a better place.

Ask yourself, Why do I give? Leave a comment below and let us know!

Tavi NathansonTavi Nathanson, YAD 2010-2011 Board Member "Hillel. JFCS. JVS. The Jewish Home. BJE. JCC's day school camps. JDC. JAFI. The Federation supports organizations that I support, locally and globally. It builds community, connects people, and has an enormous impact. That's why I give."

Melany BergerMelany Berger, YAD Committee Member "I donate to the Federation as my grandparents were Holocaust survivors and instilled the importance of tzedakah in me from an early age. As a Jew, I feel that my donation is essential and necessary for the continuing success of the Jewish Federation. I also give my time and feel that this is an amazing way to be connected with the Jewish Community."

Ben GlazerBen Glazer, YAD 2009-2010 Board Member "I give to Federation because Federation gives to me. It supports my community and my extended family, and it will be there to support me if I ever find myself in a desperate situation."

Tanya KaminskyTanya Kaminsky, YAD Vice President of the Campaign Team "150,000 Jews fled the Soviet Union for the United States.  My family was one of them.  Through its beneficiary agencies, Federation gave us the resources to start a new life here. Your donation to the Annual Campaign goes a long way to sustain Jewish communities in the Bay Area, in Israel and around the world.

Please join me in donating to the 2010 Campaign."

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June 29, 2010


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