Why is Hollywood Investing in Israeli Creative Content?

On January 26, the JCF Business Leadership Council presented, Why is Hollywood Investing in Israeli Creative Content? with entertainment industry veterans Howard Gordon, David Israel,  Stuart Tenzer, Oded Turgeman, and Scott Siegler.  Guests learned about Israeli TV programming and how it is modified to appeal the American market. While cultural differences exist, our appreciation of humor is similar. I am still mystified by how Hollywood deals are done from start to finish and look forward to learning about this topic at a future BLC event. I'm also eager to hear the thoughts of others who attended the panel discussion or are familiar with the topic.  I'll post the email messages I receive here, but please feel free to comment below. Special thanks to BLC Steering Committee members Neil Fink and Ina Miller who planned this event.

- Jeanne Miller, Director, Business Leadership Council & Community Campaign


In a global economy, figuring out how people from different countries and cultures can connect is critical.  At this panel, it was interesting to realize the panelists were experts at seeing creative content in Israel that would spark American interest, while understanding those elements that need to be adjusted.  They have to be expert because TV and film is a one way medium – get it right or the show fails.  But in running companies, we have more chances to see disconnects and fix them.  So it’s easier, except that too many companies don’t pay enough attention to getting it right, and things don’t get “fixed”, they just fester.   After all, you can turn off a TV show, but that irritating “foreign” co-worker is around day after day…

– Robert Sher, BLC Member and Principal, CEO to CEO

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January 28, 2011


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