YAD Gives Back

Another Successful Day of Volunteering

On the morning of Sunday, July 20, over 120 members of the Federation's Young Adult Divison embarked on the annual Day of Volunteering at seven sites throughout San Francisco. In addition to YAD’s monthly volunteer opportunities, Day of Volunteering is a hallmark event that is founded in the Jewish tradition of tikkun olam

Groups from 15 to 30 people met at three Golden Gate Park and Rec sites, the Jewish Home, Family House, Stern Grove, and Mutville, where they planted trees, cleaned up parks, hand crafted mezuzahs for sale, provided food to those in need, assisted in free public programming, and befriended and walked senior abandoned dogs. 

“It is so meaningful to see communities like YAD come to our organization, ready to work and give of themselves so we can continue to give the most we can to our families who stay with us,” said Greg Mora, Director of Volunteer Programs at Family House. 

“It was a wonderful opportunity to truly embrace the pillar of tikkun olam while surrounded by a community of like-minded young professionals. It was a really special day and I look forward to working on next year’s program,” noted Lauren Becker, YAD Program Associate.

YAD provides programming throughout the year, including volunteer, social, professional networking, philanthropic and Jewish learning events for young adults in the San Francisco area. Check out our calendar, contact yad@sfjcf.org, or join our Facebook group to learn more about our upcoming programs.


July 24, 2014