An Exploration of Israel as Home

May 02, 2017
12:00 AM
San Francisco State University Lawn
San Francisco


Share your story, and explore the themes of home, land, origins, and independence.

No matter if you're counting millennia or 69 years, come join our dialogue tent on campus.

SF Hillel is hosting an open-tent conversation on the theme of home in honor of Israel’s 69th year as a state. Exploring how Israel is home for the Jewish people and what home is personally for individual students. We will be having 3 separate dialogue circles on the lawn of the SFSU campus. One, about discussing personally what home is for students, a second one that touches on students personal views and narratives about what can home be for Israelis and Palestinians, and a third for exploring Israel as an interfaith home.

Students would be greeted into a dialogue circle with a burekas and limonana and a conservation agreement guidelines to engage in the dialogue.

Later in the afternoon for the internal Hillel community we will be putting on a more Israeli party celebrating Israel’s independence at the Hillel house. We would provide Israeli snacks, swag and decorations.



Interests: Israel
Organized By: 
San Francisco Hillel
Event Contact Person: 
Jason Steckler