Intro to Judaism

Looking to learn more about Judaism? Interested in conversion? Hoping to raise a Jewish family? Unit 3 of Introduction to Judaism at Beth Sholom begins March 28th!

Judaism is built around community, ritual, tradition, and faith. If you are Jewish, interested in converting or raising a Jewish family and looking to learn more, delve deeper, and connect - learn with us! Our engaging, university-accredited Intro To Judaism course is interactive and encourages questions, discussion, and hands-on learning. No knowledge of Hebrew is required.

This Introduction to Judaism class will be taught in three units. For those who are on the path for conversion, please register for the full course in October 2024-  all three units, as this is not a drop-in model.

A single unit of the class for each student is $100 for members and $150


March 28, 2024
6:30 PM
Congregation Beth Sholom
301 14th Ave
San Francisco


Organized By: 
Congregation Beth Sholom
Event Contact Person: 
Hilary Elfman