Love Isn’t Blind and Chochmat HaLev

A dating show where the men can’t speak

Gimmel Gimmel Gimmel A Man After Midnight

Doors at 7 for drinks & mingling, show at 8, after-party to follow. Stay all night!

For the first time ever, the hit live/comedy dating show Love Isn't Blind (LA Magazine, LAist, California Live, & more) is partnering with Chochmat HaLev in Berkeley to bring you a Jewish edition of the show!* It's time to jews your man wisely, find yourselves a keep-aw, and be very concerned about the amount of puns coming your way.

Read more about the show & Chochmat HaLev below!

Love Isn't Blind

Tired of swiping? In this dating experiment, men compete on stage for one lucky bachelorette, with the little caveat that the men can't speak. Through a series of games - which includes calling the boys' moms and unlocking their phones - we narrow it down to two men. Finally, we hear their voices, and the lucky winning man is sent with our bachelorette to the bar for an immediate date. Audience members wear wristbands according to their relationship status, and a wingpeople (who wear actual wings) help those of you who are too shy to make a move.

Chochmat HaLev

Chochmat HaLev is a Jewish Renewal Congregation. Jewish Renewal is a trans-denominational approach to revitalizing Judaism. As an attitude, not a denomination, it is a doorway through which we can access all branches of Judaism to explore how they might inform our contemporary vision of a socially progressive, egalitarian, and celebratory connection with the Divine and with each other. Jewish mystical tradition teaches that we live simultaneously in four worlds: action, emotion, thought, and spirit. Jewish Renewal provides opportunities for all of us to fully embody this teaching and invites us to live lives that matter.

*Ed: My last name is Goldberg; we knew this was coming.

Interests: Arts & Culture, LGBTQ+
March 09, 2024
7:00 PM - 10:00 PM
2215 Prince st, Berkeley


Organized By: 
Chochmat HaLev
Love isn’t Blind
Event Contact Person: 
Hana Nobel