Rescue from the Warsaw Ghetto

March 07, 2024
5:00 PM - 6:30 PM
Free - Donations Gratefully Accepted


Examining Courage & Its Legacy
Courage and Spirit: An Eyewitness Shares Her Story

“Even in darkness, it is possible to create light.”  Elie Weisel

“Whoever saves a life, it is as though they had saved the entire world."  Hillel

How can everyday acts make a difference in history, and what can we learn from those who chose to act? 

The Farkas Center invites you to hear Holocaust survivor Ilana Yaari’s story as she describes her experiences as a young child in the Warsaw ghetto and pays tribute to the brave women who risked their lives – and the lives of their families - to save her.

Ilana will be joined by the grandson/great-nephew of her rescuers and her own grandson, who will offer their reflections on how this act of courage has reverberated through the generations.

This virtual event is free, and all are welcome!

For Our Educators: Consider offering your students credit for attending this extracurricular program. A free study guide is available.

We look forward to learning with you!


Organized By: 
Helen & Joe Farkas Center for the Study of the Holocaust in Catholic Schools
Event Contact Person: 
Adrian Schrek