Virtual Erev Rosh Hashanah / Shofar Service with Kolaynu

September 18, 2020
7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Donations gratefully accepted


Please join us to keep the Kolaynu spirit alive this High Holiday season!

We’re hosting two Zoom events you can enjoy from a location of your choosing.

Erev Rosh Hashanah / Shofar Service
Friday, September 18
7 PM – 8 PM
With Cantor Jonnie Pekelny, violinist Lee Corbie-Wells, and shofar-blaster Trevor Bryce

Kolaynu: The Progressive Jewish Voice of Santa Cruz, invites community, friends, and loved ones to join us in celebrating the High Holidays with our unique services which are warm, spiritual, participatory, egalitarian, progressive, creative, joyful and peace-oriented.

We welcome individuals and families of every configuration and orientation, interfaith, questioning, and friends of Jews. No tickets are necessary.

Please RSVP to to receive the Zoom link and password.

Contributions of any amount are gratefully accepted and deeply appreciated to cover the cost of the facility and printed materials (suggested donations in units of “chai” (18), for “life”, are in keeping with the spirit of the season). No one will be turned away for lack of funds.

For many years, Kolaynu High Holiday observances have been a Creative community option in Santa Cruz. Kolaynu services are:

  • Progressive: recreating traditional Jewish ritual so as to more accurately reflect contemporary Jewish values;
  • Egalitarian: blending new liturgy and feminine voices with traditional prayers and blessings;
  • Participatory: offering opportunities for all who attend to share in reading aloud and facilitating the service.

We sing together. Both women and men facilitate the holiday celebration. Our co-facilitators are volunteers. Our service is also Peace-Oriented. Kolaynu has its roots firmly planted in beliefs of working towards social justice, human rights, and peaceful coexistence all around the world.

Please join us on these High Holidays and share your thoughts, your spirit, and your energy, as we all face the challenges of making the world a better place in the year ahead.

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Kolaynu: The Progressive Jewish Voice of Santa Cruz
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Jonnie Pekelny
Jonnie Pekelny is a native of St. Petersburg, Russia. Although she spent her childhood in the big city, Jonnie's mother made it a point to learn the songs of the Russian villages and to teach them to her daughter.
A singer from an early age, Jonnie grew up with the sweet, fiery, humorous, irreverent and honest songs of rural and working Russia. Although she later went on to study and sing other genres (obtaining a minor in music from U.C. Santa Cruz and performing solo and in group ensembles that included classical and pop and other folk traditions) that first musical love has stuck. Jonnie still loves and performs the songs of this disappearing cultural treasure.
Lee Corbie-Wells
Lee Corbie-Wells has been playing violin since the age of 6. Her father, a music teacher in San Francisco (Lee’s hometown) and her mother, a music teacher in the Oakland Public School District, taught her Scottish, Irish, English and American tunes by ear, fostering her love of folk music. At the age of 11, she began formal training. In addition to her instrumental studies, Lee sang first soprano in the San Francisco Girls Chorus for five years. She started performing solo at Brava Theatre at the age of 14, but soon got heavily into Celtic roots music. At age 18, Lee toured Southern Ireland with her first band, Drowsy Maggie, along with one of her former violin teachers, Alison Streich.

Since then, she has played in numerous Celtic and Americana bands and has also performed at military functions such as house-concerts at Airforce bases in Travis, CA and in Kuwait. Although she primarily pays Celtic and American fiddle music, Lee has taken her years of experience in Blues and folk improvisation and branched out into explorations of Jazz, Swing, Ragtime, and Latin genres.
Trevor Bryce Kolanu