SF-based Jewish Community Federation Supports Landmark Study on Jewish Charitable Giving in U.S.

Connected to Give: Key Findings from the National Study of American Jewish Giving released today

San Francisco, CA – Today, the Jewish Community Federation of San Francisco, the Peninsula, Marin and Sonoma Counties (the Federation) lauded the national release of a landmark, comprehensive study of Jewish giving – “Connected to Give: Key Findings from the National Study of American Jewish Giving.”  In addition to partially funding the study, Federation staff also had central roles on the Advisory and Steering Committees for the project.  The study “offers important new insights on religion and American charitable giving, challenging assumptions about where religious donors make charitable contributions and offering comprehensive information about behaviors and motivations among religious and non-religious Americans.”  The initial report charts the demographics and charitable behaviors of American Jews, examining why, how, and where they give, particularly in comparison to other Americans.
“I am very proud to support this landmark study on Jewish giving, and to lend our Federation’s voice to these responsible and comprehensive efforts to better understand the direction of American philanthropy,” said Jennifer Gorovitz, CEO of the Federation.  “While there is considerable concern about generational changes in Jewish giving, this study shows us that Jews, like others, give charitably because of a desire to connect to community and to support causes which are important to them.  The study also reveals that Jews give more widely than others, and are more likely to give to Jewish causes when they also support non-Jewish ones.  In conclusion, American Jews are still major agents for philanthropy large and small, Jewish and secular, even if the new generation’s definition of tzedakah is changing.  As our community and its Federation evolves with the times, we will continue to work with the next generations to meet their needs and ensure that we are a part of their vision for both secular and Jewish tzedakah.”
“This study is an important part of helping us better understand the shifting landscape of young donors and how engagement serves as a driver to Jewish giving,” said Adin Miller, Senior Director of Community Impact and Innovations at the Federation.  “This knowledge is critical for our community as the individual donor giving backdrop continues to shift dramatically.”


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September 03, 2013


Ilan Kayatsky