Investment Committee

Endowment management

Since 1910, thousands of individuals, families, and organizations have entrusted their assets to the Federation for investment management and oversight. Our longstanding expertise in managing our own endowment and philanthropic funds, in addition to the endowments of local Jewish agencies, while being a mission-aligned organization, uniquely positions the Federation to serve this important role. The Federation is focused on the mission of strengthening and enriching the Jewish community locally, in Israel, and around the world.

Our investment philosophy

We use a strategic approach to set the long-term asset allocation framework for our Endowment portfolio, in addition to shorter-term tactical adjustments to reflect market opportunities. The financial objective of our Endowment Pool strategy is to balance the needs of current and future beneficiaries by maintaining its long-term real (after inflation) purchasing power while ensuring a stable stream of distributions. This financial objective translates into an investment objective of the Endowment Pool to earn a long-term average annual return, net of all fees and inflation, which meets the spending policy. We set our long-term asset allocation targets and ranges to develop a diversified portfolio that will meet the risk and return parameters of this investment objective. We use our asset allocation ranges to make tactical adjustments to the portfolio, and our active managers also make tactical moves to take advantage of market opportunities.

Jewish Community Federation and Endowment Fund Investment Committee

Matthew Berler, Chair
David Agger
William Atlas
Mitch Cohen
Steven Fayne
Richard Fried
Jim Heeger
Joyce Linker
Peter Maier

Richard Rosenberg
Alan Rothenberg
Barry Sacks
Dan Safier
Sarah Stein
David Steirman
Jamie Weinstein
Harold Zlot