Philanthropy is the centerpiece that allows multiple generations to come together and discuss things that matter.

Estimates suggest that $41 trillion will be passed to the next generation by 2052. What does that mean to you, your family, and the Jewish community?  

"The next generation is hungry for real experiences and hands-on engagement opportunities that will help them become more effective philanthropists."

Research conducted by the Johnson Center and 21/64

Members of Gen Y (millennials born between 1981 and 1999) are seeking meaningful involvement and are socially conscious. 

Next generation donors believe in impact and they are excited by innovation. They fund root causes, not just symptoms. They want to play an active role, bringing their experiences, ideas, and even their peer networks – not just their funds – to the table.

Consider what you want your philanthropic legacy to be and how you will accomplish that. 

The first step is initiating action, and that’s where our expertise can be helpful. Our seasoned staff is uniquely experienced in multi-generational philanthropy. With a century of being trusted advisors and decades of work in youth philanthropy, we are uniquely poised to facilitate a conversation among all ages.

The Federation has philanthropic conversations that center around Jewish values. 

Whether sharing family history or discussing our responsibility to our larger community, making philanthropic decisions as a family is a natural catalyst to talking about what is important to you and your shared values. 

Here are just some examples of how we help facilitate multi-generational experiences:

  • Family meetings and retreats
  • Grandparent legacy workshops, meetings, site visits
  • Grantmaking exercises, including training in grant evaluation
  • Assistance creating a philanthropic mission

Let us help you start the conversation with a simple phone call.

For more information, please contact:
Joy Sisisky
Chief Executive Officer