For decades, the Federation has served as the primary resource for enhancing security preparedness for Jewish organizations across Northern California. Amid the surge in antisemitism since the October 7 attacks, take extra care when you are out in public. We encourage you to:  

  • Stay aware of your surroundings. Maintain focus in new spaces and eliminate distractions like headphones.  
  • Trust Yourself. If a situation makes you uncomfortable, trust your instincts, remove yourself from the situation, and contact authorities. 
  • In an emergency, call 911. Give your address and mention if you are at a Jewish facility to give first responders necessary context.

Report a Threat, Incident, or Suspicious Activity
The Community Security Program reviews threats, suspicious activity, and antisemitic incidents reported by Jewish organizations and synagogues, analyzes the circumstances, and liaises with law enforcement to determine who is behind them and whether they represent harassment or a threat of violence. These efforts have allowed organizations to increase security when warranted, refrain from overreacting to non-credible threats, and manage anxiety among staff and community members. 

To report an incident to our Community Security Program and the Secure Community Network (SCN), please complete this form. If the incident solely involves hate speech, hate mail, flyers, or graffiti, please report instead to ADL using this form.

The chart below explains how to report different types of incidents.
For organizations, first report to law enforcement and then file a report to ADL or the Federation as indicated.  

Security Resources 
Low-cost/No-cost Security Measures for Jewish Facilities (SCN)  
Civil Unrest - Facility Preparedness (SCN) 
Leadership Safety Guide (SCN) 
Personal Cybersecurity Recommendations (SCN) 
Social Media Awareness (SCN)  
Personal Safety for Lay and Professional Leadership (video) (SCN) 
Tips for Organization Greeters (JCF) 

Contact Us 
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