Strategic Grants

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Can my organization apply for multiple grants at the same time?   

Yes, you are welcome to apply for multiple grants, as long as the eligibility and criteria for each grant opportunity is the right fit for your organization. We will be interested in understanding your capacity to implement multiple programs at the same time.

2) Do I need to submit separate applications for each grant?

Yes, each grant has a unique application and must be submitted through the Federation’s online grant management system. Applicants may use a single user account, however, each application must be accessed through the specified "Apply Here" button on each RFP webpage. For technical assistance, contact Grant Management

3) Can you explain the required participation in Cohorts or Communities of Practice?

Recognizing that our community’s greatest challenges are too complex to be solved by any one organization, we have shifted from individual, isolated grants, each one measured on its own success, to funding clusters of similar organizations through networked grantmaking.  By convening grantees, we can pursue shared learning, outcomes, and metrics. We have found this model provides greater opportunities for collaboration, learning, and success. 

4) What types of organizations will you fund?  Will you consider organizations located outside of the Bay Area?

Applicants must be registered 501(c)3 non-profits or have fiscal sponsorship. Organizations located outside of the Bay Area should be prepared to demonstrate familiarity with the Bay Area, evidence of local demand, a pilot program in our community, and/or local partnerships. 

5) Who can I contact for general information?

Please contact Community Impact for general questions or information.