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COVID-19 and Resilience

Featuring Dr. Larry Brilliant, in conversation with John Pritzker

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Join Dr. Larry Brilliant, one of the world’s leading experts on epidemics, for the latest updates and insight about COVID-19 in conversation with John Pritzker, Founding Partner and Director of Geolo Capital and Chairman of the John Pritzker Family Fund. Dr. Larry is a Bay Area local, philosopher, spiritual explorer, former hippie, doctor, groundbreaking tech innovator, and a key player in the eradication of smallpox. Coming from a place of love, compassion, science, and determination, discover how to find resilience, hope, and possibility in challenging times.

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Truth, Justice, and Reconciliation at Home

Featuring Rabbi Michael Lezak, Judy Young, Isoke Femi, Tina Sharkey, and special guest Mayor London Breed

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What do our communities look like today? Who is most affected by the current economic, social, racial, and health issues? Join Rabbi Michael Lezak of GLIDE in a conversation with Judy Young, Executive Director, UCSF National Center of Excellence in Women’s Health, Isoke Femi, GLIDE’s Maven of Transformative Learning in the Center for Social Justice, and special guest Mayor London Breed, in a thoughtful discussion moderated by Festival Co-Chair Tina Sharkey on how to confront, expose and act on these pressing communal challenges.

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Bread of Life: Challah, Family Engagement, and Legacy 

Featuring Tiffany Shlain, Laura Lauder, Roselyne C. Swig, and Alexander Fromm Lurie 

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Influencer, filmmaker, author, and Bay Area native Tiffany Shlain, started #ZoomChallahBakes at the beginning of the pandemic as a way to bring people together during the lockdown. They have quickly turned into an extremely powerful and grounding ritual with people from all over the country and globe coming together to talk and bake. Join Tiffany and special guest bakers – philanthropists Laura Lauder and Roselyne C. Swig, and 2020 Lloyd W. Dinkelspiel Award for Young Leadership winner Alexander Fromm Lurie – as they discuss family philanthropy, multigenerational engagement, legacy, leadership, and of course, challah (view recipe). 

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Using Humor and Levity to Repair Our Communities 

Featuring Dr. Jennifer Aaker, Naomi Bagdonas, in Conversation with Tina Sharkey 

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Dr. Jennifer Aaker and Naomi Bagdonas, professors of the popular course Humor: Serious Business at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, and authors of Humor, Seriously, draw on findings by behavioral scientists, world-class comedians, and inspiring business leaders to reveal how humor bolsters resilience through hard times. DOP Festival Co-Chair Tina Sharkey will have a conversation on the power, theory, and application of humor: what makes something funny, how to use humor to make a strong first impression, deliver difficult feedback, persuade and motivate others, and foster cultures where levity and creativity can thrive in your family, work, and philanthropy. 

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Changing the System? Jewish Philanthropy, Racial Justice, and What We Need to Know 

Featuring Marc Dollinger, Barry Finestone, Ilana Kaufman, and Paula Pretlow

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As our national reckoning on race inspires each of us to reflect on the abusive power of systemic racism, we will explore the connections between philanthropy and racism in the Jewish community. Join Professor Marc Dollinger, Jews of Color Initiative Founder Ilana Kaufman, Weinberg Foundation Board Member Paula Pretlow, and Jim Joseph Foundation President and CEO Barry Finestone as we view our philanthropic work through a lens of racial equity. Come explore the history of Jewish philanthropy and race, how funders are engaging in racial equity work today, and learn about what you can do to build a better future for everyone in our diverse Jewish community and beyond.

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Moral Leadership in Imperfect Times

Featuring Jacqueline Novogratz and Danny Grossman

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How can we create change, renew our institutions and redefine success in the face of challenges? What is the role of philanthropy (and philanthropists) in building systems that put humanity and the earth at the center? What is the cross-section between social impact, philanthropy, and profit? Join Acumen founder and CEO Jacqueline Novogratz in conversation with Federation’s CEO Danny Grossman about using the practices of moral leadership to tackle our world’s most urgent crises.

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The Main Event: Building a More Just World Through Philanthropy  

Featuring Dr. Judith Rodin in Conversation with Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild, and Honoring Carol Saal

Wednesday, March 10
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The Day of Philanthropy Festival has addressed specific challenges as well as opportunities in our Jewish community. Armed with the knowledge of The Portrait community study, we are exploring new ways to utilize core Jewish values as a guide for your philanthropy. Dr. Rodin, a pioneer, and thought-leader in the fields of strategic philanthropy, resilience, and impact investing furthers this discussion—exploring innovative, impactful, and equitable ways to use philanthropic capital for rebuilding and recovery in the Bay Area and beyond. Dr. Rodin will be in conversation with Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild, Managing Partner of Inclusive Capital Partners. We will also be acknowledging the contributions of Carol Saal, celebrating her as the recipient of the 2020 Robert Sinton Award for Distinguished Leadership.

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Meet Our Day of Philanthropy Festival Co-Chairs

Lily Kanter and Tina Sharkey

With the unique challenges faced this past year, Co-Chairs Lily and Tina have partnered with the Federation staff to completely redesign and transform Day of Philanthropy into an online festival. Driven by the exploration of hope, resilience, and rebuilding – all through the lens of Jewish values – Lily and Tina have curated a series of thought-provoking conversations to inspire your personal philanthropy.

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