Synagogue-Federation Partnership

The Synagogue-Federation Partnership is a dynamic alliance bolstering the vibrancy of synagogues and our Jewish community.

Together, synagogues and the Federation are exploring how best to nurture innovation, meaningful engagement and financial sustainability – creating bold ideas and solutions.

Read some examples of how our partners catalyze change:

Recent accomplishments of the program:

  • Coaching synagogue leadership on:
    • Smart "in-reach" and outreach strategies to grow membership
    • Piloting projects to spur innovation and transformational change
  • Training synagogue leadership on:
    • Planned giving & fundraising
    • Creating a culture of transparency
    • Talking about money
    • Creating a welcoming culture & becoming a "relational" synagogue
    • Becoming vision driven
    • Measurement and evaluation
  • Leading Communities of Practice on:
    • Beyond Dues: Alternative Models of Membership
    • Volunteerism: Developing a Culture of Shared Ownership

Resources for Synagogues:

For more information, please contact:
Katherine Tick
Leadership Development Director