Update on Bay Area Jewish Community Security

With emotions running high, people distraught, and all of us heartbroken over the events unfolding in Israel, we’re encouraging members of the Jewish community to stay vigilant.

With support from the Secure Community Network (SCN) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), our teams are working diligently to monitor the situation and protect our community. Our partners, including SCN and the FBI, have advised that they are not aware of any specific, credible threats to the Jewish community here in the U.S. or the Bay Area at this time.

Misinformation on social media

Social media has amplified a Hamas call for a day of resistance this Friday, with some headlines dubbing it a “global day of jihad” or “day of rage” to mobilize support for Hamas. Since the 1990s, Hamas and Hezbollah have issued similar calls to action when bracing for Israeli military action, as did Saddam Hussein’s Iraq in the face of conflict with the U.S., resulting in large protests but not unleashing a wave terrorism outside the region.

SCN and the FBI are not recommending closing your facility on Friday, October 13. That decision is left to each organization. The FBI has not found any credible evidence of events planned within the U.S. beyond pro-Palestine protests. We, along with SCN and the FBI, recommend not to engage either in-person or online with protesters or groups rallying for Hamas.

Actions to stay vigilant

As Israel’s response to the terrorist attacks of last weekend unfolds, we expect to see more anti-Israel and antisemitic rhetoric and protests. We encourage you to remain alert and review security protocol to ensure everyone's safety. Review your emergency plans, test your security systems, ensure members are participating in your general security by closing doors behind them, reporting suspicious activity, and staying alert.

Please donate to the Federation’s 2023 Israel Emergency Fund.

We know these are trying times, and the Community Security Program is here to support your security needs.

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October 12, 2023


Rafael Brinner