Nominate a lifetime leader for the Judith Chapman Memorial Women’s Leadership Award

Celebrate phenomenal women in our community during Women’s History Month

Because March is Women’s History Month, we’d like to give a special shout out to all of the amazing women who help make our Jewish community shine brighter.

Women’s History Month dates back to 1981, with the creation of “Women’s History Week,” which begins the week of March 7 each year. The observance of Women’s History Week continued through 1987, when Congress was petitioned by the National Women’s History Project to declare the entire month of March as Women’s History Month. Since 1995, Presidents Clinton, Bush, Obama, and Trump have all proclaimed March as Women’s History Month.

Women are an incredible asset to our Jewish community. We are proud of the achievements of women on our staff and in the greater community, and know that, without women, the Federation would not be remotely what it is today. As such, each year the Federation recognizes and honors a female role model with the Judith Chapman Memorial Women’s Leadership Award. In memory of Judith Chapman, an esteemed volunteer leader, friend, and member of our Jewish community, this prestigious award honors a woman from the Federation's service area who exemplifies significant and sustained volunteer leadership, and who values her Jewish identity and the importance of tzedakah in her life. This year, a $2,500 grant will be given to the awardee for a nonprofit of her choice. Nominations will open Spring 2019!

Read more about some of our past Chapman award recipients:

2022 - Dorothy Saxe
2021 - Joyce Linker 
2020 - Nancy Grand
2019 - Barbara Kaufman
2018 - Varda Rabin
2017 - Gale Mondry
2016 - Marilyn Waldman 
2015 - Gina Waldman
2014 - Sue Diamond
2013 - Lynn Sedway
2012 - Lynn Bunim
2011 - Dana Corvin
2010 - Kathy Williams, z"l
2009 - Ann Bear, z"l
2008 - Joelle Steefel
2007 - Barbara Rosenberg
2006 - Sonya “Sunny” Kaplan
2005 - Carol Saal
2004 - Annette Dobbs, z"l
2003 - Roselyne “Cissie” Swig
2002 - Adele Corvin
2001 - Frances Green
2000 - Rita Semel
1999 - Barbara Isackson, z"l

More on Judith Chapman

Judith Sirbu Chapman (1938-1997) was an esteemed volunteer leader, friend, change agent and member of our Jewish community. Her leadership skills bloomed through dedication, focused effort, on-the-job training, and vision. Overcoming painful shyness, she became an advisor to community professionals and a mentor to all the women who were fortunate enough to know her. Judith’s expertise benefited the Federation, Mt. Zion Hospital Auxiliary, the statewide Nurses Association, the Democratic Party central committee, JCRC, the J Weekly, National Women’s Division Board, and the national organization of Federations, among many others.

In Judith's day, few women were professionals, and no women ran corporations. She persevered through intelligence coupled with an intuitive understanding of people and a concern for the future of the overall community (Jewish and secular). Using her natural talents, she charted a career path by lending her time to multiple organizations.

Judith used to say that she was a "professional volunteer," treating every position as if she had a paycheck and a promotion at stake. Her personal investment was immeasurable and provided a profound impact on her community. Her permanent fund with the Federation's endowment makes grants towards Jewish projects at home and abroad, empowers women to achieve, and provides future leadership training programs.


March 16, 2017